Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles mhhhh. . . especially when it is cold outside, we can’t get enough of the little sweets. Chilling on the sofa, watch a film and maybe drinking a glass or two of red wine with it. That’s pure cosiness. If you feel the same way, then we have the perfect recipe for you! Vegan chocolate truffles, made without refined sugar, but full with vegetable protein from chickpeas. Sounds weird? Just give it a try! The best thing about it: the little sweets can be prepared in no time at all! They also make a very good gift. Maybe an idea for Valentine’s Day?


Put the cashews in a food processor and pulse until they break down a little. Put aside and melt the chocolate over a low heat. Put the remaining ingredients into the food processor and blend until a creamy mixture has formed. Then fold in the cashews and the melted chocolate. Now you can roll small balls between palms out of the mixture. You might need to put the mixture into the freezer or fridge for a little bit beforehand, so that it’s easier to roll the balls. Put some cacao pulver onto a plate and turn the pralines carefully until they are fully covered.
Serving makes about 15 truffles
  • 60g dark vegan chocolate (we used 85%)
  • 150g chickpeas
  • 15g coconut oil
  • 25g date syrup
  • 25g cashews
  • a pinch of salt
  • cinnamon
  • raw cacao powder for decoration,q_auto,w_auto,dpr_auto,c_scale/v1576851541/vegan-chocolate-truffles-glass-bowl-top-view_nobawt.jpg